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A brief introduction to the split hydraulic jack

The use of separate hydraulic jacks requires attention. The red light machine is briefly introduced from 3:

First, when the separate hydraulic jack is in use, it must not be biased or overloaded to avoid the danger of the jack being damaged. When there is a load during the operation of the hydraulic jack, it is absolutely impossible to remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the machine. If there is a phenomenon of emptying during use, you can try to loosen the oil-discharging screw on the pump body, put the pump body up and down a few times, then tighten the oil-discharging screw, basically it can be used again. , there is no phenomenon of empty play. The second point, the new or the long-term hydraulic jack, because there is no use for a long time, there is more air in the cylinder, so when starting to use, the piston rod may show a slight jump, if this happens In this case, we can reciprocate the hydraulic jack 2-3 times without load, and use the empty motion to remove the air in the cavity. Putting a jack that does not work for a long time, the seal is hardened due to the long-term failure of the seal, which affects the service life of the hydraulic jack. Therefore, when the hydraulic jack is not in use, the separate hydraulic jack should be unloaded every month. Reciprocating motion 2-3 times. The technical specifications should be strictly observed during operation, and the user should regularly inspect and maintain according to the usage. The third point, the high pressure oil pipe is tested at 105Mpa (1050Kgf/cm2). However, since the high-pressure oil pipe is very easy to age, the user needs to check frequently, usually for six months. If it is used frequently, it is best to check it once every three months. When testing, 87.5Mpa (875Kgf/cm2) can be used for pressure test. If blasting, bulging, leakage, etc. occur, it can no longer be used.

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