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How to operate the jack

Most of the friends who have had contact before can know that there are two kinds of jacks, one is mechanical jacks, and the other is hydraulic vertical jacks. Because of the high transmission efficiency of the hydraulic vertical jack, it has been widely used. The hydraulic vertical jacks are still reclassified. We will not talk much about them here. More is to analyze the steps of the jack:

Step 1: First of all, we need to use the jack. We must first put the thousand tops smoothly. If the ground is not flat, we can pad some wooden boards or wooden blocks on the ground in advance to prevent the jacks. An accident occurred while falling.

Step 2: The above mentioned the problem of placement, of course, it should be laid flat, must not be placed or placed upside down, and the ground must be clean, not oily, mainly to avoid the slipping of the jack, causing unnecessary damage.

Step 3: Be sure to follow certain rules, that is, to comply with the specifications of the jack, not to lengthen the operating handle, nor to force and pressure. Because there are only one such consequences, hurt.

Step 4: Everything has a term for its use. The jack is the same. Don't dig it forever, and pay attention to it. Be sure to store it in a dry, clean place. Don't put it indoors. . Another important thing in conservation is to regularly maintain it at regular intervals to extend its useful life. We all know that things are used.

The above is the explanation of some steps of the use of jacks by Hongguang Machinery. If you have any questions, please call us or you can consult our website.

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