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The use of jacks in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, you will also see the figure of the jack. When we were at the auto repair shop, we would see the jacks come in for their real use. In the industry, how should the jacks be used?

In the automotive industry, the use of jacks should be the easiest, but no matter what, it is difficult compared to novices, because they have not had in-depth contact. After all, a small jack is to support a huge iron guy, and if it is a little lax, it will be a big deal. When you get the instructions, even if you have read them many times, you must pay attention when you use them for the first time. Be sure to put the jacks on the designated support position under the car. Otherwise, it will be very easy. Damage to the vehicle, even if unfortunately would cause the harm of the accident. When the rolling rocker supports the entire car, it must be noted that the support bar on the support arm cannot always slip out of the support point, and the support bar on the jack arm should be inserted into the groove of the fixed support point. It remains fixed. If you want to use a jack to support the car for tires, then you have to learn from the older generation.

Finally, add a little more, if the rolling rocker arm until the foot of the jack is supported on the ground, it is necessary to ensure that the top foot supports the ground and the ground must be hard. If the ground is relatively soft, the area of ​​the knot should be pre-filled. Pad or flat hard object.

The above is a case of Jiaxing Jack for the use of jacks in the automotive industry.

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